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Can Anthony Smith beat Jake Paul? UFC veteran explains why Problem Child would 'never challenge' him

2023-08-26 16:19
Anthony Smith says Jake Paul is will never fight him as it is not his cup of tea
Can Anthony Smith beat Jake Paul? UFC veteran explains why Problem Child would 'never challenge' him

CLEVELAND, OHIO: Anthony Smith has shared his thoughts about fighting the celebrity boxer Jake Paul.

At UFC Fight Night: Max Holloway will face The Korean Zombie in the main event, but the attention will be on the co-main event, a Light Heavyweight battle between Anthony Smith and Ryan Spann, which is on the stacked-up card.

Before the UFC fight night, Anthony Smith spoke with Republic World about Jake Paul and his plans to end his two-fight losing streak and defeat Ryan Spann once more.

Anthony Smith won’t fight Jake Paul

During the interview, Anthony Smith was asked whether he had something to say about Jake Paul or would like to know if he would accept if he challenged him in the future.

To this question, Smith replied, “Jake Paul will never challenge me to anything. I would beat Jake Paul. He’s not challenging anybody that’s good. I don’t fit the mould of the people that he wants to fight.

"I am not in my forties, I am not semi-retired, I am not a 50-fight losing streak. I am close to his age, I am same size. I don’t fit the built, the type of fight that he’s looking for,” he added.

Smith went on to say, “I think he will probably stick with Nate Diaz, he might play this game with KSI, a little bit. We all have to manage our expectations."

"Everyone’s talking about Jake Paul like he’s the real fighter, and although he does get into real fights. He does train like a real fighter, he’s not looking to be the best in the world, he’s really not,” he added.

Smith also mentioned, “If you manage your expectations with what you are getting with him, then you can sit back and enjoy the circus show that it is, and I do that. I do enjoy it."

He added, "But I used to approach him like he was trying to be the best, and he’s not trying to be the best, he’s trying to make lots of money, and do it on a large stage. And he is doing a great job with that.”

Anthony Smith was annoyed with Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz bout

Anthony Smith does not believe that the fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz on August 5, 2023, will be successful.

Diaz (0-1) was beaten by a unanimous decision by Paul (7-1). The boxing event's main event, a 185-pound fight, was broadcast live on DAZN/ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Diaz made a late comeback, but it wasn't enough to overcome Paul's knockdown in Round 5.

During the battle, Diaz engaged in his normal theatrics of taunting, and in Round 10 he even locked in a guillotine choke before the referee broke it up.

Paul maintained solid pressure and cardio throughout the fight, but Smith wasn't into it.

During the 'Believe You Me Podcast, Anthony Smith said, “I’m not super impressed with either one of them if I’m being honest. I don’t think either one of them did a very good job."

"If you’ve got a guy that’s pointing at the crowd and not engaging in a fight and turning his back to you and you don’t knock that guy out, he’s kind of punking you while you’re beating him,” he added.

“I thought Nate’s definitely going to lose the first handful of rounds, and I think maybe he’s going to come on later and gas him out and put the pressure on and make him tired, which is kind of seemingly what Nate tried to do. I think that they sh*t the bed,” he added.