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British MP proposes empowering male educators to combat misogynistic forces like Andrew Tate online: 'We are failing our young boys'

2023-09-07 15:17
Nick Fletcher fears influencers like Andrew Tate will destroy the UK's young demographic
British MP proposes empowering male educators to combat misogynistic forces like Andrew Tate online: 'We are failing our young boys'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Polarizing influencer Andrew Tate has stirred controversy among young boys in the UK. His impact on this demographic has previously sparked discussions in the country, leading to an official ban on boys mentioning his name.

However, in a recent development, Tory MP Nick Fletcher has voiced the need for a dedicated minister to advocate for men's issues in the country, aiming to counter the influence of figures like Tate.

Tate's relationship with the UK is intricate. Despite spending his formative years in the UK after relocating from the USA, Andrew Tate has consistently expressed disdain for the country, labeling it as a 'failed society' at various points in time.

Tory MP asserts misogynistic influencers like Andrew Tate have a negative impact on youth

Fletcher proposed that this role would address specific health challenges that men encounter and work toward enhancing their life prospects.

He suggested that similar to the existing Cabinet position for women, this minister would advocate for increased representation of male primary school teachers to serve as role models for boys who lack a father figure at home.

Furthermore, Fletcher believes this minister's priorities could encompass encouraging boys to explore professions such as nursing, improving paternity leave policies, and addressing the influence of misogynistic figures on social media platforms, including individuals like Tate.

When questioned on BBC Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour' about the necessity of this position, Fletcher emphasized the importance of improving men's quality of life.

According to the Daily Mail, Fletcher said, "If men are living a better, happier, healthier life then it is better for women too, and it’s better for society as a whole."

Fletcher elaborated that becoming a Member of Parliament had prompted him to prioritize this issue. He mentioned that being from Doncaster, he observed a significant number of young boys and young men who lacked aspirations and did not have access to the best opportunities.

He noted that these individuals often experienced neglect from those in positions of authority and the government at large. According to him, there is a pressing need to address this situation.

As per the Daily Mail, Fletcher said, "When I became a member of parliament, it was one of the things that I wanted to jump on. I’m from Doncaster and I see an awful lot of young boys and young men out there with little aspiration and lives not given the best opportunities."

"They tend to be neglected by people within authority and also government as a whole. We need to be addressing this," he added.

Fletcher brought attention to statistical data by the Daily Mail indicating that 75 percent of individuals who die by suicide are men.

He pointed out that men's life expectancy is 3.7 years shorter than that of women, and that 83 percent of people experiencing homelessness and 96 percent of the prison population are male.

He also expressed the view that if these statistics were reversed, there would be widespread public concern and outcry.

He emphasized the urgent need to take action, stating that society was falling short in providing support to young boys and men, ultimately affecting both women and girls as well.

According to the Daily Mail, Fletcher said, "If that was the other way around there would be a complete outcry. We need to do something about it. We are failing our young boys, we are failing our young men, we are failing society and we’re failing women and girls too."

Fletcher asserted that he did not hold the belief that the needs of boys and men were more significant than those of girls and women.

According to the Daily Mail's report, he acknowledged the importance of the progress made in the last century toward gender equality, emphasizing the inclusion of women alongside men, which he considered crucial.

However, he also noted that it was possible to address both issues simultaneously.

He further observed that, particularly in the past decade to fifteen years, there has been a noticeable neglect of young boys and young men who are transitioning into adulthood.

As per the Daily Mail, Fletcher said, "Obviously over the last century we’ve worked hard with equality to put women at the table along with men which is super important. But we can do two things at once."

"Especially in the last ten to 15 years, we are neglecting our young boys and young men who are coming through," he noted.

Fletcher highlighted the existence of a women's health strategy and dedicated hospitals for women, contrasting it with the absence of similar provisions for men, even though 88 men succumb to heart disease daily, as reported by the Daily Mail.

During his conversation on 'Woman's Hour', he expressed his enthusiasm for the presence of a cabinet member responsible for women and addressing gender inequality.

He also noted the existence of a junior minister focused on women's issues and emphasized the need for equivalent representation and attention for men.

He further commented that the majority of the program's listeners likely have important men in their lives, sons, fathers, husbands, or brothers, and they wish for these men to lead healthy, fulfilling lives and be positive contributors to society.

Fletcher said, as per the Daily Mail, "It’s fantastic that we’ve got a cabinet member for women and inequality. We’ve also got a junior minister too who looks after women. We just need the same for men too."

"Most of your listeners out there have got a man in their life and they want their son, their father, their husband, their brother, to do well, to have a healthy life and to have a fulfilling life and be a good part of society," he added.

Andrew Tate once called the UK a 'failed society'

In a previous tweet, Tate went to the extent of declaring the United Kingdom a 'failed society'. He once posted an old clip from his time in England, capturing an incident of a knife-related crime occurring on the streets.

Tate provided his assessment of the incident, emphasizing that the problem of knife-related crimes was more significant than commonly perceived.

Tate continued to assert that while the UK is a nation grappling with many issues, it has undeniably fallen short in ensuring the safety of the citizens of the country, leading him to label it a 'failed society'.

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