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Brad Pitt traded $33M mansion where he and Angelina Jolie lived for modest $5.5M pad of heiress Aileen Getty

2023-06-02 16:57
Brad Pitt paid $5.5 million in exchange for his striking 1960s-built three-bedroom Los Angeles mansion
Brad Pitt traded $33M mansion where he and Angelina Jolie lived for modest $5.5M pad of heiress Aileen Getty

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Brad Pitt traded his $33 million mega-mansion at Loz Feliz with a humble $5.5 pad which was previously owned by oil heiress Aileen Getty. Interestingly, the buyer of his mansion is also the previous owner of the ‘Babylon’ actor’s new 29-acre home.

Brad Pitt sold his mansion to the granddaughter of the late oil baron J Paul Getty, Aileen Getty, 65, while buying a midcentury-inspired home of Getty in an interesting business deal, according to a report by Dirt. As Pitt was keen on selling the house which served as Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s main residence during the years they were together, he also looked for “something smaller” in the same area where he can spend time with his kids.

Pitt’s new abode amidst the lush greenery

In a curious turn of events, the $39 million mansion, which is now owned by Getty, an oil heiress, was initially constructed by another oil baron in 1910. It was then owned by Cassandra Peterson who sold the humble property to Pitt in 1994 for a meager $1.7 million. Since then Pitt has added plenty to make the abode an architectural spectacle. Apart from upgrading the house, Pitt has also added a skating rink, tennis court, swimming pool, a Koi pond, ballroom, and movie theater among others.

While the property bought by Pitt is certainly nothing as spectacular in comparison, it definitely has its own old-world charm. Sitting comfortably in an area of .29 acres of land amidst lush greenery, the house boasts terrazzo floors, cantilevered eaves, and beamed ceilings. The house, aptly named the Steel House has a quaint structure of steel and glass and has a total of three bedrooms in its 2,000-square-foot premise.

While the exterior is painted charming white, the interior is striking with cobalt blue carpets in every room. What might catch the interest of real estate enthusiasts is the house’s obscurity from the public eye and its redwood hot tub and sauna building.

The house was initially built by midcentury architect Neil M Johnson in 1960 and was remodeled by interior designer Mark Haddawy. Getty bought the house in 2019 from Maroon 5 band member James Valentine.

Brad Pitt, the architecture enthusiast

Pitt, who has always been known as an art enthusiast and has had a special interest in architecture and real estate, once famously owned a Malibu estate whose current market value is $45 million. While the house was initially sold to the esteemed talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, the property now belongs to the Skims clothing line. Pitt’s current residence is in California’s Carmel Highlands, which he reportedly bought for $40 million.

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