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Biggest Twitch records: Pro streamers Kai Cenat, Ludwig and Ninja made it to the list

2023-07-17 19:21
Here are some of the most prominent records achieved by creators on the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch
Biggest Twitch records: Pro streamers Kai Cenat, Ludwig and Ninja made it to the list

Twitch, the prominent live streaming platform, encompasses a wide array of content, including esports competitions, creative streams, music broadcasts, and gaming-related talk shows. However, as of late, a noticeable shift has occurred as some well-known Twitch streamers have migrated to the emerging platform Kick. This transition poses a potential challenge for Twitch, as it may end up losing some of the best creators.

Within this dynamic environment of Twitch, various records have been achieved and continue to captivate attention. Keep reading to delve into the records related to the longest streams, extended subathons, and the streamers with the highest number of subscribers. As of late, aspiring streamers have been engaged in a fierce battle to expand their viewership. Notably, Twitch King Kai Cenat, along with fellow streamers Ludwig and Ninja, have left their mark by amassing some of the highest numbers of subscribers on the platform.

Highest sub count on Twitch during subathons

Cenat has secured the record for the highest number of subscribers on Twitch at one time, boasting an impressive count of 306,621. The achievement surpasses the previous record set by Ludwig, who garnered 283,066 subscribers. Both remarkable milestones were accomplished through 30-day-long subathon streams, during which viewers could extend the stream's duration by subscribing to the channel.

Furthermore, the number of subscribers serves as a metric to gauge a streamer's popularity, besides viewers and followers. Unlike followers, the subscriber count provides a snapshot of a streamer's current popularity, as it can fluctuate each month. Throughout the years, numerous streamers have broken the record of having the highest number of subscribers. Notably, Ninja gained significant acclaim by reaching over 269,000 subscribers without arranging a subathon in April 2018. However, this record has since been surpassed by Cenat, following his 2023 subathon.

Who holds the record of hosting the longest subathon on Twitch?

Emilycc currently holds the record for the longest subathon stream on Twitch, with an astonishing duration of 602 days and counting. This ongoing stream is an impressive feat, and Emily's goal is to reach a total of 730 days, which would mark two consecutive years of her subathon. Apart from that, PandaTV set a new record by streaming continuously for 840 hours in September 2021. Shortly after, PappiEric surpassed this with a 45-day subathon. Another streamer, Athena also achieved a remarkable milestone by streaming for over 1000 hours straight during her subathon, which lasted 47 days.

Who hosted the longest stream on Twitch?

The original record was set by LosPollosTV in April 2020, with a staggering 161 hours of uninterrupted live streaming. Since then, several broadcasters have attempted to surpass this feat. CallMeCypher briefly held the new record by streaming for 200 consecutive hours, but technical difficulties forced an early end to the stream. However, there is one clear record-holder who is unlikely to be surpassed. Twitch streamer GPHustla accomplished an astonishing feat by broadcasting uninterrupted for 634 days. This extraordinary record marks the longest solo livestream in Twitch history. Unfortunately, GPHustla's channel was suspended indefinitely, abruptly concluding the broadcast. GPHustla maintains that Twitch made an error in suspending him, but his appeals have thus far been unsuccessful or ignored. Consequently, he has transitioned to streaming on YouTube. It's worth noting that when considering all types of streams, the channel "StreamerHouse" claims to have maintained continuous live streaming since 2013, making it the overall record holder. Having said that, it's important to clarify that "StreamerHouse" consists of a group of friends and guests, rather than an individual streamer.

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