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'Bachelorette' star Rachel Lindsay trolled after she jokes about NFL's and fan frenzy around Taylor Swift

2023-10-14 22:51
Netizens criticize Rachel Lindsay's stance on the Taylor Swift Effect on the NFL
'Bachelorette' star Rachel Lindsay trolled after she jokes about NFL's and fan frenzy around Taylor Swift

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Rachel Lindsay, known for her role on ‘The Bachelorette’, is facing backlash after expressing her opinions on the media frenzy surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, particularly in the context of NFL games.

During a recent episode of ‘The View’s ‘Behind the Table’ podcast, Lindsay was asked for her thoughts on the Swift-Kelce phenomenon, to which she responded with sincerity, “Hate it. Hate it. There’s no other emotion that comes out of me than hating it.”

Rachel Lindsay’s passion for the NFL clashes with the Swifties

Lindsay is a devoted fan of the NFL. She finds it “exhausting” to witness the constant attention around Swift’s rumored romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Kelce, especially from ardent 'Swifties'.

“It’s a little obnoxious, the Taylor Swift fans,” she commented to executive producer of ‘The View’, Brian Teta.

“You’re into the sport, but they’re not; they’re into the Taylor–Travis Kelce of it. It’s too much information. The media is playing into it too much. People are coming to games wearing shirts that say ‘Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.’ It’s just a little disrespectful to the sport, to the game, and even to Travis Kelce. I know I’m being so negative. I just can’t see the fun,” she said, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

Lindsay, who had a prominent role in the 13th season of ABC’s popular dating show, acknowledged that the newfound attention on Kelce, stemming from Swift’s massive fanbase, has been positive for his profile.

However, she expressed her desire not to constantly see flashes of Swift at NFL games with Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, and other famous friends.

While recognizing the fascination with the celebrity pair, given their stardom in their respective fields, Lindsay emphasized that she doesn’t want it “in her face all the time” when she’s trying to enjoy football.

Travis Kelce himself has previously expressed his thoughts on the media’s focus on Taylor Swift during his games, describing it as “overdoing it.”

He noted that while it’s fun to see who’s attending the games and that it adds to the atmosphere, it can be excessive, especially in his particular situation.

Netizens criticize Rachel Lindsay’s views on Taylor Swift and NFL

An Internet user claimed, “Swing and a miss. Take your hate somewhere else. Taylor has exposed her millions of fans to this great sport. This is huge for the NFL. Only disrespect is coming from you.”

Another added, “Bachelor people take everything way too seriously except themselves when they agreed to go on that show. Come on, Everyone on that show is so pretentious when they just do podcasts and shill products on IG.”

A third claimed, “Know what else is obnoxious? Reality TV. Has she called out The Batcherlorette?”

“Oh she is jelly,” mocked a user.

“She’s right. It’s obnoxious,” stated a user.

“It’s about time someone speak up. @NFLResearch this is about American football, not about some famous country singer. American football !” chimed in another.

“Girl Shut up, she’s dating someone in sports and wants to go see him play and support him: the only issue is NFL using her and her songs as references, that’s not her fault,” read a tweet.

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