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Are Janelle Evans and David Eason still together? 'Teen Mom' couple 'trapped in cycle of violence' amid child neglect case

2023-10-16 09:24
'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason take their kids to a scary gun show amid child neglect and assault case
Are Janelle Evans and David Eason still together? 'Teen Mom' couple 'trapped in cycle of violence' amid child neglect case

OAKLAND, NORTH CAROLINA: 'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason have gone through a lot of ups and downs, but they are definitely still together. They have been seen being involved in social feuds as they openly slammed each other in comments and posts.

However, many believe that Janelle is going in a loop as she keeps coming back to David despite all the struggles in their relationship. One time we see her taking David's side on social media and the other time we see her slamming him right left and center.

Without A Crystal Ball called out 'Teen Mom' star for being in a "cycle of abuse" as she praised her husband on Saturday, saying, "I want to give my husband the most support and props that a man can ever have because he has the most patience I've ever seen out of any human being right now."

Well, Janelle previously was seen slamming her husband David on Mental Health Awareness Day, saying, "You're right David Eason, I have depression because of you." She then called him out publically for stealing debit cards, name-calling, bullying, and spending her money. She even added, "Constantly pushing you (David) off of me because I don't want you to touch me."

Well, these seem to be some serious allegations. However, this is not it. She once posted on Facebook, calling out her husband, saying, "Being around negative energy every day all day i getting exhausting. I need to force myself to have friends because at this point I'm making myself introverted."

Janelle was also reported saying she's "stuck" in her marriage. She was also seen clapping back at her husband when he commented, "Yes get friends, give me space. I like to be alone!" Janelle replied, "I have gave you space when I went alone to the beach this weekend, doing my errands alone. It's been amazing!"

A user commented, "Her marriage is toxic and those kids should not be there." Another claimed, "It’s definitely hard to see Jenelle trapped in such a vicious cycle of violence." A user commented, "The toxicity is scary."

'Teen Mom' couple Janelle Evans and David Eason take their kid to a scary gun show

Janelle and David seem to be proving how irresponsible they are every now and then. 'Teen Mom' couple was reported by TMZ to be taking their kids to a gun show.

They were spotted hitting an event in Wilmington, North Carolina, along with their kids. They even included firearms, knives, and other scary weaponry. Well, it wasn't obviously a place to bring the kids.

David was reported to be hanging out with Janelle's 9-year-old son Kaiser and Janelle was seen with 6-year-old daughter Ensley. The kids checked out a few items as David purchased a bullet-proof vest for himself and a wooden battle ax for Kaiser.

Janelle Evans and David Eason could potentially charged with child neglect and assault as son Jace's case wraps

Janelle and David were facing charges of assault and child neglect in their ongoing case of Janelle's son Jace. And, according to the reports it seems the judges are soon to declare the couple guilty.

TMZ reports the investigation is about to wrap up soon. Janell's situation is claimed to be treated as a possible case of neglect after Jace ran away from the house.

And, David is claimed to have assaulted Jace as the visible marks come as the evidence. According to the reports, it is speculated that charges of both neglect and assault will be filed against the couple.

After David was accused of assault, Janelle took to TikTok to clarify, "He's being accused of some horrible horrible s**t that is not is not true. I was there, my kids were there, everyone was there. You guys have no idea about the details."

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How many kids does 'Teen Mom' star Janelle Evans have?

Janelle has 3 kids in total. Her oldest son is 14-year-old Jace Vahn who she had with her ex Andrew Lewis.

She then went on to have 2 other kids, 9-year-old Kaiser with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith and a 6-year-old daughter Ensley Jolie with now husband David.

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