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Are James Milton Johnson and Lydia Arleen still together? 'Love is Blind' Season 5 star reveals sleeping with Uche Okoroha

2023-09-22 22:52
'Love is Blind' Season 5 star James Milton Johnson left shocked as Lydia Arleen reveals sleeping with Uche Okoroha
Are James Milton Johnson and Lydia Arleen still together? 'Love is Blind' Season 5 star reveals sleeping with Uche Okoroha

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Netflix's 'Love is Blind' Season 5 stars Lydia Arleen and James Milton Johnson IV aka Milton bonded in the pods. The couple went ahead to get engaged sight unseen. But, the couple's relationship seems doubtful in real life.

Both Milton and Lydia do not follow each other on Instagram and have not been noticed commenting or even liking each other's post. Therefore, it is speculated that they might not be together.

Lydia gave a shock to Milton by revealing that she had a relationship with Uche Okoroha in the past. She confessed to having reconciled with Uche 3 months ahead of the filming, wherein they met and slept together.

However, Lydia confirmed to her partner that she does not hold any feelings for Uche and wishes him to find a partner in the show.

Lydia confessed to Milton about her past relationship with Uche, saying, "I don't have any feelings to be unresolved."

Milton calls out 'Love is Blind' Season 5 stars Lydia and Uche

Lydia asked Milton whether he would have given up on things if he had known about her having a relationship with Uche in the past. Milton claimed, "There's an answer I wanna give to you then there's a truthful answer."

Lydia asked Milton to give a truthful answer. Milton then replied, "I feel like the truthful answer if I would have known, like, day one, day two, like, yeah probably."

He then went on to call out Lydia and Uche's past to be "messy", saying, "It seems kind of like messy." Milton added, "I wasn't expecting this."

Will 'Love is Blind' Season 5 star Milton's intention towards Lydia be doubted by her family?

The preview clip of the upcoming episodes hints that even though Milton and Lydia managed to stay together in the show, there will be a lot of hurdles that will make both of them doubt their relationship.

As Milton is seen opening a champagne bottle, a lady says in the preview clip, "I was just curious why someone 30 would be interested in a 24-year-old."

Another lady calls Lydia and Milton's relationship "phony" as they cast doubts on it.

Will 'Love is Blind' Season 5 couple Milton and Lydia not end up marrying?

Milton has been seen being doubtful of the relationship ever since the start. And the preview clip hints that his doubt will continue till the finale.

The preview teased the viewers with some of the clips of the wedding day. And, Milton, wearing a black suit, is seen walking in nervousness as he gives his marriage a second thought.

Milton claims himself to be a "big risk taker" so let's wait to see whether he will take the risk to marry Lydia.

'Love is Blind' Season 5 releases new episodes every Friday on Netflix.