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Andrew Tate's key takeaways from the Covid pandemic experience: 'Cowards are detrimental to your health'

2023-11-10 14:26
Andrew Tate reveals that when the mask mandate ended, his brother Tristan encouraged people to remove them
Andrew Tate's key takeaways from the Covid pandemic experience: 'Cowards are detrimental to your health'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: The controversial influencer Andrew Tate, is no stranger to expressing his candid opinions on social media platforms.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), the 36-year-old shared insights about his observations during the pandemic.

Andrew Tate reveals brother Tristan's approach to masks

Tate uploaded a video clip in which he recounted a story about his brother, Tristan Tate, and his approach to people wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

'Cobra,' as Andrew Tate is also known, revealed that when the mask mandate came to an end, Tristan took it upon himself to encourage people to remove their masks.

He explained, "Tristan enforces the law. When the mask mandate ended, obviously a certain population of the people still wore their masks, and Tristan decided to enforce the law as stringently as they decided to enforce against him."

"So, we'd be driving down the road, and there'd be someone standing in traffic with a mask, and Tristan would get out of the car, big Tristan, and go, 'Take your mask off! Take it off! No more masks.' And these people would take their masks off," he concluded.

In the caption of the post, Tate reflected on his pandemic-related observations. According to him, the pandemic served as a revelation about human behavior, suggesting that a significant portion of the population was willing to unquestioningly follow any rules or mandates imposed by authoritative figures or organizations.

"COVID showed me that most humans would blindly comply with anything given enough psyop. Cowards are detrimental to your health. They'd do horrible things to you and your family if you scared them enough."

Tate's remarks have ignited discussions about individual responses to rules and regulations during the pandemic and the extent to which people are influenced by external factors.

Internet reacts to Andrew Tate's pandemic takeaways

In response to Andrew Tate's comments on the pandemic and public compliance, users on X expressed a range of thoughts and emotions. Here are some reactions:

One user criticized the lockdown measures and wrote, "A joke. Locking everyone down for financial gain. Don't stop to think about life's the ruined during that time."

Another user shared a different perspective, stating, "I hated wearing a mask, but when I saw a sign on a business, put up by the business owner, to wear a mask, I respected his right to run his business the way he wanted to run his business. A COWARD would have walked right in because he only cared about his FEELINGS, Little Andy."

One user emphasized the importance of asking questions and holding authorities accountable, saying, "@Cobratate COVID-19 certainly tested the balance between public safety and personal freedoms. Too quickly, many accepted restrictions without demanding evidence or questioning the extent. True courage lies in asking tough questions and holding authorities accountable, not unconditional compliance. Vigilance is key in a free society."

These reactions reflect the diverse range of opinions and experiences people have had during the pandemic.