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Andrew Tate's 'Jamaican' retort to Lana Del Rey's Waffle House gig leaves fans puzzled

2023-07-22 17:58
Andrew Tate used Jamaican to reply a Twitter user who asked if he or his brother, Tristan, would do something similar to Lana Del Rey
Andrew Tate's 'Jamaican' retort to Lana Del Rey's Waffle House gig leaves fans puzzled

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: In a surprising turn of events, Andrew Tate, the controversial influencer recently made headlines with an unexpected comment. The incident occurred when a video surfaced online of Lana Del Rey, the renowned singer, working at a humble Waffle House restaurant in Alabama. Many were taken aback to see Andrew's response to the video, as it revealed a side of him that was unknown to his audience.

The controversial influencer's inflammatory comments on social media platforms have always sparked heated debates and backlash, and his fans got a glimpse of his unapologetic side once again.

Andrew Tate's bizarre comment on Lana Del Rey's video

Renowned pop star Lana Del Rey was recently seen working at a popular restaurant chain, donning the employee uniform. The surprising video capturing her in the unexpected role rapidly spread across various social media platforms, attracting significant attention. Among those who shared the viral footage was Twitter user Colton Groves, bringing up a thought-provoking question about the pop star's financial status and motivation behind her involvement with Waffle House.

Soon speculations arose, with some wondering if her apparent choice to work there was a result of sheer boredom or simply a desire to experience something new despite her elevated wealth and fame. Groves questioned whether it would ever be possible to witness Andrew or his brother Tristan Tate engaging in a similar endeavor, writing, "Lana Del Ray is another level of rich to be able to work at Waffle House because she is just bored. Could we ever catch @Cobratate or @TateTheTalisman doing something like this?"

The tweet caught Andrew's eye, and his response was nothing short of bizarre. He posted a cryptic meme with a series of puzzling emojis, leaving his followers intrigued. He proceeded to share his opinion in what is presumed to be the Jamaican language also known as Jamaican Patois, perplexing his audience. Andrew wrote, "5 minit canera a pree sum real work fa di first tyme in years a whan yu fi think she a help people. Film a clip fi insta don’t donate a penny to a people don’t a help a person just a foo foo move a bumbara** waffle a promote her fassy album."

'Bros tryna tell us something'

Fans were taken aback by Andrew's abrupt switch to a different language, and this unexpected move sparked an influx of reactions from users. One user wrote, "Wen de world spin round and a people saya run, Top g pull a fiyah burn and light him dis one." Another user quipped, "this makes my brain hurt to read i’m not a part of Xe/Xim species my bad." "Bro when did Tate become Jamaican Lmfao," questioned one, while another user expressed, "bros tryna tell us something."