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Andrew Tate urges his followers to take 'action' in order to repel 'failure', Internet asks 'from where you copy paste this?'

2023-11-01 17:54
Tate passionately encouraged his audience to take action and rise above failure
Andrew Tate urges his followers to take 'action' in order to repel 'failure', Internet asks 'from where you copy paste this?'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the former kickboxer turned social media influencer, recently used the platform 'X' to deliver an impassioned message directed at those who are not actively pursuing success.

Tate passionately encourages his audience to take action and rise above failure.

Tate and his passionate messages have become a frequent presence on the 'X' platform, frequently evoking a variety of responses from the online community.

Previously, he made headlines by calling out a 23-year-old man and stressing the importance of focusing on self-improvement and learning.

Andrew Tate talks about taking action in life

Tate initiated his impassioned tirade with a strong statement, asserting, "Taking action is repellent to failure. Always be doing SOMETHING. Sleep or action. Nothing else."

Building upon this, Tate went on to say, "You have problems, You're too poor, too weak, too ignorant. You have unlimited tasks to accomplish. SO DO THEM.

He continued, "Your competition wastes mountains of time. They watch TV to 'relax.' Mindlessly reading random books to 'learn.' Going to their dead-end job to 'work.' THEY AREN'T DOING ANYTHING."

Tate also emphasized, "What specific problems are they solving??? They have no plan, they are mindlessly wandering from thing to thing, wasting precious time."

He further added, "If all you do is take action, If all you do is spend every moment of your waking consciousness trying to solve a very specific problem. You will not fail to achieve your wildest dreams."

Concluding his message, Tate urged, "Repeat in the mirror three times. Action repels failure. Action repels failure. ACTION REPELS FAILURE. Stop spending so much time 'thinking' and spend more time DOING. Watch your entire life change."

Trolls accuse Andrew Tate of copy-pasting his lengthy rants

In response to Tate's assertion that taking action is key to overcoming failure, several users came forward to express their perspectives.

One user wrote, "From where you copy-paste this ??"

Another user wrote, "Preaching on X doesn’t count as doing anything."

A user stated, "Sell your course this is what you do🤣"

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