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Andrew Tate proudly proclaims himself a master of 'suffering', trolls dub him 'pathetic grifter'

2023-07-21 16:47
Andrew Tate thinks if you are not good at suffering, it's 'because you're not learning what you’re supposed to learn'
Andrew Tate proudly proclaims himself a master of 'suffering', trolls dub him 'pathetic grifter'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: In a recent Twitter outburst, Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer turned controversial influencer, proudly declared himself a master in suffering. It is not uncommon for Tate to use his platform to express his strong opinions, and this time, he chose to critique those who do not view suffering as an opportunity for personal growth and learning. Tate's tendency to vocalize his beliefs on social media has earned him a reputation as a constant provocateur, with his posts often igniting heated discussions worldwide.

Tate's public image remains overshadowed by the controversy surrounding his online presence. The influencer has been widely criticized for promoting misogynistic views and making inflammatory remarks that have fueled debates across various communities. His statements often seem to be directed at his audience, urging them to adopt the same ideology as him, which can further polarize opinions and lead to division among followers. While some argue that his provocative approach is a strategic way to gain attention and increase his following, others believe that his rhetoric perpetuates harmful ideas and attitudes.

'I am very good at suffering'

In his recent rant, Tate asserted that according to his beliefs, God would never view individuals as superior to his prophets. According to him, if these prophets endured suffering, it is also an inevitable experience for others. Tate argued that escaping suffering is not possible; instead, one should strive to become proficient in handling it. He proclaimed himself to be adept at enduring hardships, claiming to possess the knowledge to do it swiftly and efficiently. Tate emphasized his ability to promptly learn from these trials and process the associated lessons without delay. He expressed the importance of not prolonging the necessary suffering and highlighted his approach of attentively sitting through hardships, learning from them, and avoiding repeating the same mistakes. According to Tate, many people suffer more than required because they lack the skill to endure it effectively and fail to grasp the intended lessons, a deficiency he believes needs to be rectified.

Tate wrote, "God will never see you as better than his prophets. If they suffered, you MUST suffer. You cannot escape it. You can only become good at it. I am very good at suffering. I know exactly how to do it. I suffer quickly and efficiently. I learn and process the lessons without delay. I do not prolong the necessary. I sit and I pay attention, I learn and I DO NOT repeat the mistake. Most of you suffer more than needed because you’re not good at it. You’re not good at it because you’re not learning what you’re supposed to learn. Do you understand?"

'You're such a pathetic grifter'

Tate's rant about his expertise in enduring suffering and the significance he places on the concept of suffering sparked a wave of responses from numerous users. One of them wrote, "The real reason that Tate panders to religious people is because you are his target demo. He knows non religious folks aren’t buying what he’s selling so this is his successful marketing tactic to make you buy his courses." Another wrote, "It’s all one big scam. Hustlers University? Really?" A user stated, "You're such a pathetic grifter." Someone commented, "People don’t get that IT IS A GOOD THING TO SUFFER Most progress is made during that time." Another said, "Impressive, not many are good and suffering. Seems like you’ve mastered it.🙌😎"

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