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Andrew Tate predicts World War III and asks fans to 'panic early', trolls label him a 'scared little man'

2023-11-08 13:20
Andrew Tate asked his fans to panic over an impending World War III in a bizarre post
Andrew Tate predicts World War III and asks fans to 'panic early', trolls label him a 'scared little man'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the controversial figure on social media, recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to post a video in which he claimed that there is an excessive amount of turmoil in the world, even going so far as to predict the possibility of World War III.

Tate is well-known for his penchant for expressing his opinions and engaging in intense rants through his tweets.

He has previously discussed the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Hamas conflicts, highlighting how he believes they contribute to global chaos.

Andrew Tate asserts the world is in chaos

Tate recently posted a video on the X titled 'Tate predicts WW3.' In the video, Tate expressed his concerns, saying, "In the situation we're in, right now in the world, you should be panicking."

He continued, "There are too many lies, too much I don't understand, too much violence, too much chaos, too much deception."

"If you're a normal person with basically no money, no passports, no friends, then there is something wrong with you," he added.

Tate emphasized, "Panic early, and panic often and prepare because you are paranoid every single day until you were right."

In response, Tate conveyed, "As the man of your family. It is your DUTY to be prepared for every possible and likely outcome. If you are not fully prepared for real hardship, This is your warning. You need to be moving much faster."

Trolls say Andrew Tate is 'scared'

In the wake of Tate's intense rant about the world's chaotic state and his call for normal people to start panicking, many X users shared their opinions and reactions.

One user wrote, "Very odd and scared little man."

Another user wrote, "Be prepared for everything Sometimes you can fail or quit But it's about how many times ur able to work harder than the last time Try to be better every day and I swear it will payoff"

A user stated, "You and your boys need to get together and discuss every possible outcome and threat to your family’s You need to create plans to ensure they remain safe"

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