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Andrew Tate dubs Adin Ross 'bigot' for his controversial anti-LGBTQ+ tweet during explosive livestream, fans wonder if he's being 'sarcastic'

2023-06-26 14:57
Andrew Tate says Adin Ross should know better before making comments on genders
Andrew Tate dubs Adin Ross 'bigot' for his controversial anti-LGBTQ+ tweet during explosive livestream, fans wonder if he's being 'sarcastic'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: A heated exchange between controversial influencer Andrew Tate and popular Kick streamer Adin Ross is gaining immense traction on social media after Tate called Ross a "bigot" due to a controversial anti-LGBTQ+ tweet. The viral clip comes as fans eagerly anticipate their first collaboration since Tate's release from jail earlier this year.

Tate has himself been the talk of the town for his remarks against the LGBTQ+ community, accusing the Islamic States for not doing enough to protect children from them.

The conversation between these two contentious online figures took an unforeseen direction when they broached the subject of gender. Previously, these two shared a close friendship, frequently appearing together in videos and live streams.

'There's two genders'

During a recent broadcast, Ross reflected on the highly publicized arrest of someone he referred to as his 'friend' and shared his thoughts on not having any role models to rely on. Amid his conversation, he casually brought up the backlash he faced following a controversial tweet he posted, wherein he expressed the belief that there are only two genders.

Ross said, "You get locked up, and the world switches on me because I'm saying all these tweets, 'there's two genders,' and everyone's calling me an enemy and all these crazy things. I don't have anyone to talk to, bro, who's my role model? Who the f*ck, who do I look up to? I have no one."

During the discussion, Tate abruptly interrupted Ross and sought clarification on whether he had indeed stated that there are only two genders. Upon receiving an affirmative response from Ross, Tate vehemently criticized his perspective on LGBTQ+ matters, condemning him as a "disgusting bigot."

Tate said, "You're a f**king bigot. That is disgusting! Where did you get that idea? Where would you come up with the crazy idea that there are only two genders? When did that get into your brain? You should know better."

Tate further stated, "People like you are constantly spreading hate and bigotry with your false science that is damaging to the lives of so many innocent, young children out there in the world today. I want you to know that I am extremely disgusted with you. It was bad enough you didn't write to me. And then when I was in f*cking jail, you're spreading bigotry."

Initially caught off guard by Tate's strong reaction, Ross sought further clarification and requested Tate to elaborate on his stance regarding gender. Ross asked, "Um, okay. So how many genders are there, bro?" Tate stated, "It's a spectrum, dummy. Can't you see? Are you blind, you think you just walk through life and see men and women? It's a f*cking spectrum!"

'Tate is being sarcastic'

After this exchange between Tate and Ross, numerous fans took to expressing their opinions on the matter. One user wrote, "I don’t know if tate is being sarcastic, if he isn’t then it’s his only take that’s good." Another user wrote, "Adin is getting cooked by tate right now." A user stated, "He was trolling lol."

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