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Andrew Tate discusses nightmares and the price he pays to 'live his dream', trolls say 'consider letting go of the bulls**t'

2023-07-10 20:48
Andrew Tate revealed that he is struggling with nightmares as he deals with a difficult phase of his life
Andrew Tate discusses nightmares and the price he pays to 'live his dream', trolls say 'consider letting go of the bulls**t'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, a controversial figure known for his outspokenness on social media, recently took to Twitter to express his frustrations and perceived hardships. In his latest rant, he labels the challenges he has been facing as nightmares.

Despite his controversial reputation and legal troubles, which include charges related to sexual assault, human trafficking, and involvement in organized criminal activities, Tate continues to maintain a substantial following on Twitter. It is surprising that he still enjoys a considerable level of support and engagement on the platform, considering the serious nature of the accusations against him.

'Nightmares are the price I pay'

In his impassioned rant, Tate expressed his belief that the difficulties he encounters can be likened to nightmarish experiences. He contended that these challenges are an inevitable cost he must bear to pursue and achieve his desired life goals.

Tate wrote, "Nightmares are the price I pay to live my dream."

In a tweet posted on May 1, Tate engaged in a similar outburst, revealing that he is unable to elude his nightmares as they persistently intrude upon his waking thoughts. While he proclaimed his disbelief in yielding to panic, he acknowledged the undeniable presence of adversities, referring to them as attacks, which he admitted to having encountered repeatedly throughout his lifetime.

Tate wrote, "I can no longer escape my nightmares. They come to me while I’m awake. I don’t believe in panic. But I do believe in attacks. Truthfully, it’s all I’ve ever known. "

'Consider letting go of the bulls**t'

As Tate discussed the hindrance these nightmares pose to his pursuit of dreams, he revealed his prior familiarity with such challenges. In response, one user tweeted, "Might want to consider letting go of the bullshit bruh. You're a young man. Plenty of time to change your path." Another wrote, "@Cobratate Well, at least you're getting a discount on sleep, right? 🌙✨" A supporter of Tate wrote, "Nothing like a little PTSD to keep you on your toes. It’ll iron itself out. Stay strong bro. 💯"

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