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Andrew Tate celebrates 'more freedom' after Romanian court's eased restrictions ruling, Internet dubs it 'BS'

2023-11-24 14:27
Andrew Tate expressed his joy following a Romanian court ruling which permitted him, and his brother Tristan, to travel within the country
Andrew Tate celebrates 'more freedom' after Romanian court's eased restrictions ruling, Internet dubs it 'BS'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the social media influencer known for his outspoken opinions and contentious perspectives, recently used the platform 'X' (formerly Twitter) to express his joy following the Romanian court's decision to ease restrictions imposed on him.

Tate has been engaged in an ongoing legal dispute with the court since 2022, facing charges related to human trafficking, sexual assault, and organized crime.

The recent development in the case prompted his celebration of newfound freedom on the social media platform.

Andrew Tate overjoyed after recent ruling

In a tweet, Andrew expressed his joy over a recent court ruling, stating, "Today’s court ruling gives me even more freedom. Everytime I see the judge who has read the case file I am given more of my life back. She understands old stupid YouTube videos are not a crime. I said I was an astronaut - I havnt been to the moon."

Andrew added, "Girls asking you how to get big on TikTok isn’t human trafficking. It’s just a matter of time until this garbage is dismissed. Mashallah."

Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate are facing human trafficking charges. They will now have fewer movement restrictions on them as they await trial. A Romanian judge's decision, reported by Reuters on November 23, permited them to travel within the country, according to the influencers' representatives.

Andrew's spokesperson stated, "This adjustment in judicial control signifies a notable development in the ongoing legal proceedings, reflecting the Tate brothers' and their legal team's commitment to clearing their name."

Despite a prior relaxation of movement restrictions in September, the decision was later overturned.

The court has yet to rule on a separate appeal for the return of confiscated assets, including cars and jewelry, as mentioned by a spokesperson.

Fans call relaxations from court 'good news'

After Andrew's tweet announcing more freedom due to the recent court ruling where a Romanian judge relaxed restrictions on him and his brother, numerous users stepped forward to share their perspectives.

One user wrote, "It's just BS it takes so long to do so, when you are found innocent do you sue the accusers for having stolen years of your life?"

Another user wrote, "The next investigation will be about the fact that you said you could be Batman."

A user stated, "That's good news."

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