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Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate present victim's statement to Romanian authorities amid ongoing lawsuit

2023-09-14 15:26
Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate's alleged victim accused them of confining several women and brainwashing them
Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate present victim's statement to Romanian authorities amid ongoing lawsuit

This article contains content that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate and his younger brother Tristan Tate gained significant attention as they submitted their alleged victim's statement to the Romanian authorities in connection with the lawsuit they instigated against her.

The Tate brothers are presently entangled in a legal dispute following accusations of human trafficking, involvement in organized crime, and sexual assault. While they were released from a six-month house arrest in August 2023, the trial is in progress.

Recently, fresh allegations have surfaced against Andrew Tate and Tristan from the prosecution's files, asserting their involvement in enslavement and extorting money from women.

Andrew Tate provides victim's statement to Romanian police

In July, news broke that Andrew and Tristan had filed a civil lawsuit in a Florida court against one of their accusers. This legal action was rooted in a Romanian criminal case based on which they had been arrested after accusations of human trafficking in December of the preceding year, after which they had been under house arrest.

In this lawsuit, the Tate brothers contend that the accusations of human trafficking, which formed the basis of their initial arrest, were concocted by two individuals known for their penchant for fabricating stories.

Recently, the Tate brothers' legal representatives submitted a series of exhibits that they assert validate these allegations.

Among these exhibits is a copy of a victim statement provided by the accuser to the DIICOT, per Daily Dot.

The statement recounts how the woman met Tristan in November 2021 through both Reddit and a dating website. Their first in-person meeting took place at a conference in Miami in December of the same year.

The statement alleges that during their initial sexual encounter, Tristan strangled her with both hands. Despite her expressing discomfort with this, Tristan, who was allegedly drunk, claimed that she had requested it.

Upon regaining consciousness, the woman claimed to have no memory of the events, but Tristan insisted that she had passed out while being strangled after asking for it—a claim she disputed.

The woman in the statement asserted, "I told him I do not like to be manhandled, abused. I could tell from Tristan’s eyes that he had consumed alcoholic beverages and then I passed out,” per Daily Dot. The statement also documented bruising on her neck and discomfort while swallowing.

Following this incident, she reportedly continued communicating with Tate via WhatsApp. In April 2022, Tristan allegedly arranged and funded her trip to Romania while she traveled in first class. Moreover, he also picked her up from the airport in a blue Rolls-Royce.

She also recounted her first night in Romania, during which she was tired but went to Tristan's room to talk. He informed her that there was a specific reason for bringing her to Romania and initiated sexual activity, according to Daily Dot.

The statement detailed that Tristan explicitly stated his intent to engage in sexual activity with her, triggering her memory of the earlier strangulation incident in Miami. She described feeling frozen as he proceeded with intercourse.

The woman in the statement said, "On that occasion he told me exactly that we would have sex. When he said those words to me, I recalled that Tristan, had in fact strangled me that night in Miami. And so, I simply froze and I had sex with him,” noted Daily Dot.

The statement indicated she eventually realized she was effectively confined within the house. Tristan repeatedly claimed it was too dangerous for her to leave due to alleged enemies. Despite her pleas and attempts to communicate with guards, she remained unable to exit the courtyard.

Additionally, the statement mentioned a message found on another girl's phone in which Andrew purportedly encouraged self-harm as a demonstration of affection. Despite the girl's refusal, Andrew persisted.

The statement also alleged that the Tate brothers employed intimidation tactics and had connections to the Russian and Romanian mafia. They purportedly threatened to disclose her real name, her parents' names, and her telephone number, reported Daily Dot.

The woman further elucidated her perception of the Tate brothers' operation in the statement, describing it as an innovative form of human trafficking.

She claimed that initially, the girls were fearful but eventually developed feelings for the Tate brothers, leading them to comply with their demands. Some of these girls had reportedly not seen their families for years.

The woman in the statement said, "In the beginning the girls were scared but then they ended up falling in love with the Tate brothers, to eventually getting to the point where they would do anything that they were asking to do. These girls are not themselves….One of these girls has not seen her family for years,” based on Daily Dot.

According to the statement, the woman could only recall two girls from Prague and two from Ukraine who managed to escape from the house.

The victim also asserted that Tristan expressed a desire to have 25 children, and the brothers had acquired land near Bran Castle in Romania to construct a castle to accommodate additional girls for their enterprise.

Andrew Tate's lawyer calls the victim 'unreliable witness'

In a recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Andrew's lawyer, Sulaiman Ahmed, asserted that the woman who, according to him, made false accusations against Andrew and Tristan lacked credibility as a witness.

Ahmed accused the woman of having a tendency to target multiple men, and she was known for her habitual dishonesty, frequently fabricating stories even when there appeared to be no apparent reason or immediate advantage to doing so.

One notable example of this pattern of behavior involved her claim of having siblings. She had consistently told numerous people she encountered that she had siblings.

This detail became significant because when she falsely accused the Tates of human trafficking, she asserted that she had contacted her brother, who was supposedly in the military, for assistance.

This led many individuals online to lend credence to her story, assuming that if her brother served in the military, her allegations must be genuine. However, the truth emerged that she did not have a brother.

In summary, Ahmed contended that this individual lacked both credibility and reliability as a witness and had been used to harm the Tates.

Furthermore, Ahmed asserted that her account of the alleged "escape" was also fabricated, leading him to conclude that some women could not be considered trustworthy.

Ahmed wrote, "Andrew Tate - Message Leak 6: A Liar Exposed The woman who falsely accused @Cobratate and @TateTheTalisman is an extremely unreliable witness with no credibility."

He added, "We have observed that she has a propensity to accuse and target numerous men, and she is also a serial liar - the kind of person who lies about everything, even when there is no apparent need or immediate benefit to lying."

He further explained, "An illustrative example of this behavior is her claim to have siblings. She repeatedly told many people she met that she had siblings. You might wonder, why is this significant?"

Answering his own question, he said, "Well, it's crucial because when she falsely accused the Tates of trafficking, she claimed to have called her brother, who was supposedly in the military, for help. Many people on Twitter Spaces and in various posts discussed this, assuming that if her brother was in the military, her story must be true."

He finally concluded as he pointed out, "However, the truth is that she doesn't actually have a brother. In summary, this individual is neither a credible person nor a reliable witness, yet she was utilized to destroy the Tates. Even her account of the "escape" is fabricated. Some women simply cannot be believed."

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