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Andrew Tate advocates for extending a helping hand to others as a grown-up, trolls say 'we’ll never see you doing this'

2023-08-27 20:52
Andrew Tate told his fans about his charitable activity amid accusations of sexual violence and extortion
Andrew Tate advocates for extending a helping hand to others as a grown-up, trolls say 'we’ll never see you doing this'

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: Andrew Tate, the self-proclaimed influencer known for his controversial views on gender, once again praised himself on social media.

He shared details about a charity event he participated in, using the opportunity to draw everyone's attention to his goodwill.

Tate reportedly faces some serious accusations, including sexual violence and the extortion of funds from women he allegedly enslaved on OnlyFans.

Against the backdrop of these accusations, the emergence of reports regarding Tate's philanthropic endeavors left his followers uncertain, questioning whether these actions were merely a calculated ploy to elicit public sympathy.

Does Andrew Tate actually do charity?

In a recent tweet, Tate showcased a post from a user named Omar, who conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to Tate for his substantial contribution toward supporting orphans.

Responding to this, Tate reflected on the notion of personal growth, asserting that as one matures, one comes to realize the duality of their hands, one for aiding oneself and the other for assisting those in need.

This tweet not only highlighted Tate's involvement in philanthropy but also carried a deeper message about the importance of extending a helping hand to others as an integral part of personal development.

Tate wrote, "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Andrew Tate's fans applaud his wise words

After Tate's declaration endorsing philanthropy and revealing his own charitable initiatives, numerous users stepped up to voice their perspectives.

One user wrote, "We’ll never see you doing this." Another wrote, "Develop a way to help yourself so that you have the strength to help others." A third stated, "Haven't found such a wise saying in a while!!"

A user commented, "Those words ring more true with each passing day. A matter of balance. Helping others is the greatest wealth."

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