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'America's Got Talent' Season 18 fans say Duo Desire's 'hottest ever aerial act' is 'better than Fifty Shades of Grey'

2023-07-12 12:16
Duo Desire performed a sensual aerial act on 'AGT' Season 18 and moved to the next round after securing four 'yes' from the judges
'America's Got Talent' Season 18 fans say Duo Desire's 'hottest ever aerial act' is 'better than Fifty Shades of Grey'

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: Prepare to be mesmerized as Duo Desire, a sensational aerial act, takes the stage on 'America's Got Talent'. Jilliana Sophia Bazhenova and Denis Bazhenov, the dynamic duo behind this captivating performance, seamlessly blend strength, grace, and jaw-dropping maneuvers to capture the hearts of judges and viewers alike. As the anticipation built, Sofia Vergara couldn't help but express her excitement and nervousness by placing her hand on Simon Cowell's arm.

The journey of Duo Desire began with Jilliana and Denis individually, but fate united them to create a synergy that can only be described as magical. Their undeniable chemistry shines through every gravity-defying move they execute, leaving fans in awe. Viewers couldn't help but notice the intense connection between the duo, hailing their performance as one of the most seductive acts ever witnessed on the show, infused with powerful and alluring elements.

'It was sexy, it was perfection'

Love and talent intertwine as Denis and Jilliana, who met in Las Vegas, tied the knot and embarked on a joint performance journey. Their act began with Jilliana being lifted up in a split by a sling, while Denis held on as they gracefully twirl. The audience was left in awe as these gravity-defying tricks showcase not only balance and skill but also immense strength. While AGT has seen romantic aerial couples before, Denis and Jilliana brought a fresh approach with their outrageous, dangerous, and undeniably sexy act. They concluded their performance with a daring "trust fall."

After their performance, Sofia enthusiastically declared, "It was sexy, it was perfection, I want to see more." Howie was thoroughly impressed and described it as "one of the most impressive things." Heidi admitted that her palms are sweaty, exclaiming, "Incredible." Simon sensed their commitment and said, "It really felt to me you were putting everything on the line." Sofia clarifies their intentions by saying, "We wanted to scare you a little." With unanimous approval, the duo received four "yeses" from the judges, propelling them further in the competition.

'They get my horny golden buzzer of the night'

Duo Desire faced backlash from some fans who criticized their performance for containing explicit sexual undertones but many also praised the couple. One viewer said, "Better than fifty shades of Grey." Another pointed out, "Oufff, wish we could do this in our bedroom."

One even wrote, "Seductive with a great song choice and excellent flow!" Another commented, "Hottest ever aerial act!!" Another added, "Too hot to handle! But there is nothing part from that. Not unique at all." Another Redditor claimed, "World’s most dangerous porn movie."