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All the funniest Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce memes as Internet goes berserk over 'couple'

2023-09-25 14:45
Taylor Swift was captured leaving the locker room with Travis Kelce following their 41-10 blowout win over the Chicago Bears
All the funniest Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce memes as Internet goes berserk over 'couple'

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: The internet has exploded with hilarious memes after things between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce finally reached the fever pitch.

On Sunday, September 24, the 33-year-old pop sensation was captured leaving the locker room with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end following their 41-10 blowout win over the Chicago Bears at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

As the pair walked together to make their way out of the building, Swift smiled briefly at the camera and appeared to say "bye." Kelce, donning his eye-popping blue-and-white denim leisure suit, also shot a smile and a brief nod to the camera.

Earlier in the game, the ‘Lavender Haze’ singer was seen cheering for the Chiefs as she enjoyed the on-field action from Kelce's suite with his mother, Donna Kelce.

Throughout the game, Swift and Donna were seen sitting shoulder to shoulder, conversing and having fun together.

The Grammy winner showed her support for Kelce’s team by donning a red-and-white Chiefs jacket, which she eventually knotted around her waist as she exited the stadium.

Footage from the game, shared by Fox Sports on X, showed Swift beaming, applauding, and shouting loudly as she watched Kelce playing his ace game during the face-off.

At one point, the singer even appeared to yell 'let's f***ing go' in response to Kelce's third-quarter touchdown reception.

Travis Kelce invited Taylor Swift to attend his game

Swift made her stadium debut just a few days after Kelce invited her to attend the game. On Thursday, the NFL star appeared on 'The Pat McAfee Show' podcast, where he addressed the dating rumors, saying he wants to "expand upon" his potential relationship which is "being talked about by the whole entire world right now."

Though he wouldn't confirm at the time whether he and Swift had actually met in person, he did share that he "threw the ball in her court."

"I've seen you rock the stage at Arrowhead [Stadium],” he told McAfee as if speaking directly to the 'Champagne Problems' singer.

“You might have to come to see me rock the stage at Arrowhead and see which one's a little more lit,” he continued, adding, "We'll see what happens in the near future.”

A source told People that after hearing about Kelce’s invitation, Swift didn’t let her hectic schedule stop her from attending the game.

"Taylor is very focused on work right now and hanging out with her girlfriends," the source said. "Travis invited her to the game, and of course, she said 'yes.' She just thought it was a fantastic way to spend Sunday,” the source added.

What did Jason Kelce say about Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift?

In a Wednesday interview, Kelce’s brother Jason Kelce candidly spoke about his romance with Taylor Swift.

"I don't really know a lot about Travis' love life,” the Philadelphia Eagles center said while appearing on DeCamara & Ritchie on Audacy's SportsRadio 94 WIP.

“I try to keep his business kind of his business, stay out of that world," he continued. However, Jason added, "Having said that, man, I think they're doing great and I think it's all 100% true, and I hope this thing goes a mile — no, I'm joking, I don't know what's happening."

Internet goes wild over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

The whirlwind romance between Swift and Kelce has garnered immense social media attention, with users turning their situation into hilarious memes.

“When Taylor and Travis team up, it's a hit collab that leaves fans saying, "Love story meets touchdown glory!" one user said.

“Taylor Swift when Travis Kelce scores a touchdown. Swifties when Taylor Swift cheers after Travis Kelce scores a Touchdown,” a second user joked while sharing a classic meme showing the crowd cheering in a pub.

“The NFL broadcast writing staff prepping for the Taylor Swift lyric puns seeing her at the Chiefs game with Travis Kelce’s mom,” a third wrote along with a meme.

“Travis Kelce begging his teammates to let him score one in front of Taylor Swift,” another user said.

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