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Aldi Is Hiring a Professional Beer Taster

2023-08-04 22:28
Aldi’s official UK beer taster will get to sample drinks for the grocery chain that will be sent directly to their home.
Aldi Is Hiring a Professional Beer Taster

If you’re looking for affordable groceries, it’s hard to beat the prices at Aldi. Now customers have the opportunity to enjoy a selection of Aldi beers for the low, low price of free. Aldi is seeking a professional beer taster to drink and rate their products, and no experience is required to apply.

The multinational grocery chain’s new beer connoisseur will be invited to do their work from the comfort of home. After hiring them for the job, Aldi will mail them close to a dozen beers to sample. The taster is then required to write an honest review for each beverage and rate them on a scale of one to five. They will also be expected to post about the gig at least once to Twitter (a.k.a. X) or Instagram through their personal social media handles [PDF].

To apply, hops enthusiasts can email with their full name, social media handles, a copy of their ID, their favorite Aldi beer and why, and an explanation of why they’re the best person for the job in 150 words or less. The opportunity is limited to applicants over age 18 who reside in the UK. Though the position isn’t paid, the beer selection and its shipment will be fully covered by the company.

Applications are open now through Monday, August 21. Aldi plans to contact the winner by the end of the month and deliver them their provisions for review shortly after. You can learn more about the competition on Aldi’s website, and read more facts about the grocery store chain here.

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