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10 celebrities who have been banned from talk shows

2023-11-11 19:15
Some badly-behaved stars have been banned from talk shows for intoxication or rude behavior but others have been banned simply for their views
10 celebrities who have been banned from talk shows

The 10 banned stars who were given the talk show cold shoulder

There are a few celebrities who have a knack for stirring the pot, and in doing so, they've managed to burn some major bridges along the way. Some among them are surprisngly the Queen of Pop, Madonna, and, quite expectedly, Donald Trump and his sons. Here are 10 celebrities have found themselves uninvited from certain talk shows, whether due to their peculiar behavior, clashes with the hosts, or a simple lack of mutual understanding.

Kathy Griffin was banned from 'The Ellen Show'

Kathy Griffin's controversial behavior has led to her being banned from multiple talk shows, past and present, including Leno, Conan, Ellen, The View, Live with Regis and Kelly, Letterman, and 'The Today Show'. Griffin claimed Ellen DeGeneres banned her from her morning show, but DeGeneres clarified, "I didn't ban her from the show because first, you have to be on the show to be banned." Griffin was never booked, and DeGeneres refuted the allegation, highlighting Griffin's absence from the show.

Madonna banned from 'Piers Morgan Live'

In 2001, Piers Morgan firmly decided against inviting Madonna onto his latest talk show, 'Piers Morgan Uncensored'. The British TV personality expressed his longstanding displeasure with the singer during CNN's Television Critics Association Winter 2011 Session. Morgan referred to Madonna as "an irritant in my life for 20 years," and stated that the only condition for her appearance would be an apology to CNN. While not specifying the cause of his dislike, Morgan hinted at a bread roll-throwing incident and mentioned a list of "crimes" reportedly committed by Madonna. The Queen of Pop has never responded to Morgan's criticisms.

Howard Stern banned from 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'

In 1994, Jay Leno officially banned Howard Stern from appearing on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'. The ban wasn't due to the contrasting nature of their talk shows but stemmed from Stern's disruptive behavior during an interview. Accusing Leno of plagiarism and lying, Stern exacerbated the situation by bringing adult film stars on the show, talking over other guests, and engaging in outrageous antics. NBC publicly criticized Stern for his actions, solidifying the ban from Leno's late-night program.

Gary Busey banned from 'The Howard Stern Show'

Gary Busey faced a ban from 'The Howard Stern Show' due to his erratic behavior during a 2001 interview. Known more for his unpredictable actions than his acting prowess, Busey crossed boundaries by attempting to lift Robin Quivers over his head and chasing Howard Stern in the studio. The situation escalated as Busey tried to wrestle Stern to the ground. Despite repeated warnings, Busey was ultimately ejected from the show and received a lifetime ban, barring him from returning for any more interviews with Stern.

Hugh Grant banned from 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'

It's surprising, but even the charming Hugh Grant found himself banned after an uncharacteristically rude appearance on 'The Daily Show' with Jon Stewart in 2009. Grant's behavior, including cursing and complaining, rubbed Stewart the wrong way, prompting him to ban the actor from future appearances. Grant later acknowledged his unacceptable conduct, admitting on Twitter, "Turns out my inner crab got the better of me with TV producer in 09. Unforgivable. J Stewart correct to give me kicking." Even the most affable actors can have their off days.

Dax Shepard banned from 'The Conan O'Brien Show'

Dax Shepard's appearance on 'The Conan O'Brien Show' took an unexpected turn when he struggled to maintain coherence during his appearance due to excessive alcohol consumption. The actor, promoting a new film, had consumed so much alcohol that he blacked out, only to be awakened by his manager to attend the interview on time. The rambling and disjointed interview prompted O'Brien to ban Shepard from the show until he achieved sobriety. Fortunately, Shepard successfully embraced sobriety and later returned to 'The Conan O'Brien Show', where he and O'Brien reconciled, establishing positive terms for their subsequent interactions.

The Kardashians banned from the 'Anderson Live'

Despite The Kardashian-Jenner clan being sought after by many talk shows, the rare exception is Anderson Cooper. The respected television journalist, known for hosting 'Anderson Live', made it clear that he had no interest in having any member of the Kardashian clan on his daytime talk show, even though they were fans of his. Sometimes, certain shows and personalities simply don't align, and Cooper's decision reflected his preferences for the content and guests on his program.

Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump got banned from 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Jimmy Kimmel decided to ban the Trump brothers, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump, from his show, but the decision wasn't fueled by a specific incident or controversy. While Kimmel had poked fun at the brothers over the years, there wasn't a particular issue that led to the ban. During an episode of 'Watch What Happens Live', Kimmel mentioned that the Trump brothers were not welcome on the show, aligning his decision with the banter he shared with Andy Cohen about who was banned from their respective shows. Whether Trump Jr and Eric Trump are aware of this ban remains unknown.

Donald Trump banned from 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' and 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Ellen DeGeneres took a proactive approach by banning Donald Trump from 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' before he could make an appearance. When asked about the decision, DeGeneres offered a straightforward answer to Matt Lauer. Additionally, 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' also imposed a ban on Trump's presence on the show. Unlike specific actions causing the ban, this decision was related to Trump's restriction on allowing certain publications to cover his presidential campaign, leading to his exclusion from 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'.

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